Time to Talk: Toddler Course

an online course for parents of children 15 months to 36 months

Learn simple, speech secrets so you can…


Help your child meet or exceed communication milestones.


Better understand your child's wants and needs.


Know what you're doing is working.


Get your toddler talking!

You can be the confident parent of a talkative child!

Before your child can clearly communicate, making it through the day can be frustrating—for both of you. Time to Talk can help!

By incorporating our proven speech strategies into your everyday routines, your toddler will be using more words before you know it.

Time to Talk: Toddler Course is perfect for you if…


Your child has a word or two, and you want to know how to teach them more.


Your child already has lots of words, and you want to keep the momentum going.


You're starting to worry your child might be falling behind their communication milestones.


You want to reinforce at home what your child is learning in speech therapy.

Time to Talk Curriculum Highlights

Learn to use your everyday routines to build your child’s language skills.

Module 1 

Discover and correct the #1 mistake parents make that actually discourages their child from talking.

Module 2

Learn the surprising secret to helping your toddler move from gestures and sounds to actual words.

Module 3

Get the inside scoop on a strategy professional speech therapists use to accelerate language development.

Module 4

Help your toddler learn, remember, and use more and more words. (Watch this lesson for free.)

Module 5

Find out how to grow your child’s language skills, not just their vocabulary.

Module 6

Discover how to eliminate speech-related frustration and grow your toddler’s communication confidence.

Module 7

Uncover a common mistake that makes some kids clam up—and what to do instead.

Module 8

Learn how to expand your child’s language abilities from sounds to words to sentences.

Module 9

Identify what motivates kids the most when it comes to vocabulary and language development.

Time to Talk Also Includes


Introductory lesson to set you up for success


Bonus lesson with even more practical tips


Downloads to help you implement what you learn

Time to Talk: Toddler Course is…

  • Developed by certified speech therapists—who are also parents
  • Evidence-based
  • Easy to incorporate into your everyday routines
  • Packed with practical, helpful tools and tips
  • Quick to learn; most lessons are less than 10 minutes long
  • Backed by our 30-day, money-back guarantee
  • Available on-demand from anywhere in the world

Bundle & Save!

Buy the course bundle and get access to both Talk on Track and Time to Talk for just $169 ($20 off)! These courses never expire, so you'll always have access to both... perfect for newborn to 3 years.

This bundle includes:



Access to Talk on Track & Time to Talk


Lifetime access (perfect for newborn to 3 years!)


Downloadable resources & workbooks

Have a “late talker”? 

If you have a child who “should be talking by now” but isn’t, you might be feeling anxious and overwhelmed. And if you’re like most parents we talk to, you’re probably feeling guilty, too—wondering if it’s your fault your child is struggling. It’s not your fault, and your little one’s language challenge says nothing about you as a parent. You’re doing great. Keep going!

You are the best person to encourage your child’s language development.

Time to Talk: Toddler Course will show you how. (It’s easier than you think!)


Try it before you buy it!

In Module 4 of our course, Again & Again, you’ll learn a foundational speech secret you can begin using right away to build your child’s language skills.

Happy Moms

"Time to Talk course helped me so much! It is presented in a way that easy to understand and I love the real life videos! I never realized how much I could be doing at home with my daughter to build her language skills!"

- Gavie M.

"I learned so much from Time to Talk course! Brooke and Bridget do a great job of teaching simple strategies that I can do during my everyday routines! Time to Talk course was worth every penny!”

- Jenni f.

"At 2 years old my daughter only had 10 words. I was feeling so worried and she started getting frustrated.  After taking Brooke and Bridget’s online course, I felt like I finally had the tool to help her express herself! Now 2 months later, she is already up to 50 words!! Such a great investment!"

- Meghan W.

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