Speech secrets you need to get your child talking.

Online speech & language courses for parents of babies & toddlers


Eliminate the guesswork.

You don’t have to guess when it comes to helping your child communicate. We want you to know that what you’re doing is working… and what to do next.

Imagine what it’ll be like when you get your child talking.


Help your child meet their communication milestones.


Use your everyday routines to build your child’s language.


Lay a strong speech and language foundation.


Have confidence about your child's development.


Know what your child wants and needs.

Hey mama.

From the moment we first welcome our tiny ones, we imagine what it’ll be like to hear their first words, to share sweet stories at bedtime, and to laugh together while you play.

But what happens when you don’t know how to get your child talking? Cue stress and worry, right?

We want to put your mind at ease. As certified speech therapists, we’ve taught thousands of parents simple speech secrets to get their child talking. We can teach you, too.

You can get your child talking!

1. Find a Course

Talk on Track is for newborns to 14 months, while Time to Talk is for toddlers 15 to 36 months.


2. Learn the secrets

Discover simple speech secrets you can use throughout your normal day.


3. Get your child talking

Know your child is meeting their milestones and communicating with ease.

Find the course that’s right for you.

Talk on Track

For Newborns to 14 Months

This course is designed to educate you on how to help your child meet their communication milestones using our evidence-based “I TALK” technique.

Time to Talk

For 15 to 36 Months

This course is designed to help you teach your child how to expand their language by using our evidence-based “WE CAN TALK” technique.

Bundle & Save!

Get access to both Talk on Track & Time to Talk for $159 (Save $20). This bundle is perfect for newborn to 3 years.

We’re busy parents, too.

Our courses were designed with your family in mind.


Simple access

Access the online courses at your own pace, and incorporate the speech secrets into your everyday routines—no appointments necessary.


Simple results

Our speech secrets are evidence-based and backed by research. With easy-to-follow videos packed with real-life examples, you can get your child talking.


Simple Guarantee

If you’re not completely thrilled by your child’s speech progress, we’ll refund your payment.

Speech starts here.

If you want to know how you can be proactive and help your baby meet communication milestones OR if you are already concerned about your child’s speech and language development… let us be your first line of defense. Speech therapy is expensive. As speech therapists, we’ve taken the tips and tricks we teach in formal speech therapy, and have put them in online courses that works with your everyday routines at a fraction of the cost.

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