talk on track: baby course

an online course for parents of babies, newborn to 14 months

Get the tools and tips you need to:


Help your child meet their communication milestones.


Better understand your child's wants and needs.


Take an active role in your baby's development.


Know what you're doing is working.

You can get your child talking on track

Most parents of young children want to learn how to help their little one build their language skills, but don’t know how.

We created the Talk on Track course to teach you exactly how to do just that by giving you the tips and tools you need to help your baby stay on track and meet their communication milestones! We want you to feel confident about the role you play in your child’s language development and you can do that by using our evidence-based “I TALK” technique.

We used these exact strategies with Bridget’s baby, Stella, who was saying over 200 words at 15 months. We share these strategies with you in Talk on Track to help you get your baby talking!

This course will help you: 

  • Lay a strong language foundation
  • Better understand your child’s wants and needs
  • Learn language milestones from birth-14 months
  • Get them talking sooner

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Get your child talking sooner.

This video is a full module from Talk on Track and demonstrates our first tip: “Imitate.” This is one of five tips to get your child talking on track. Check out the video to sample the course for yourself.

Talk on Track Curriculum

Topics Include

In 9 short lessons, you’ll learn:

  • the importance of helping your child up the “Noisy Steps”
  • how to understand, and help your baby meet, language milestones
  • the power of imitation and copying
  • different strategies to talk to your baby
  • why movement and body language are so important when communicating with your little one
  • how to look, listen, and label
  • the keywords you should be focusing on
  • and more!

Bundle & Save!

Buy the course bundle and get access to both Talk on Track and Time to Talk for just $169 ($20 off)! These courses never expire, so you'll always have access to both... perfect for newborn to 3 years.

This bundle includes:



Access to Talk on Track & Time to Talk


Lifetime access (perfect for newborn to 3 years!)


Downloadable resources & workbooks

This course is:




Easy to incorporate into your everyday routines


Developed by certified speech therapists—who are also parents


Packed with practical, helpful tools and tips


Backed by our 30-day, money-back guarantee


Available on-demand from anywhere in the world

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