Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

If you’re wondering if your child’s speech development is on track, you are not alone! We get asked this question all the time. Join us in our newest webinar to find out.

This free webinar is for you if…

You are feeling worried or anxious about your child's communication development.

Understanding communication milestones and the range of averages will be eye-opening for you as a parent.

You want to know if your child needs speech therapy and how to start the process.

You will be empowered to be part of your child’s development.

You want to learn what YOU can do AT HOME to help your child communicate.

You can get involved in your child’s development process while you wait for speech therapy or to replace speech therapy.

Are you wondering what you can do to make a difference while you wait for speech therapy?

Meet Brooke & Bridget

We are moms of a combined 5 children, Speech & Language Therapists, Founders of Speech Sisters, a community of 600K+. All of our content is evidence-backed.

Speech-Language Therapists

We have 20+ years combined experience as Speech-Language Therapists in private practices.

Moms of Babies & Toddlers

We’re always moms first. We’ve been where you are and know how hard it is to watch your child miss milestones.

Research & Evidence Based Strategies

We love the research behind our strategies and are constantly learning. We are here to teach you evidence-based tools that work.

PRAISE FOR Time to Talk: Toddler Course

Before your child can clearly communicate, making it through the day can be frustrating—for both of you. By incorporating our proven speech strategies into your everyday routines, your toddler will be using more words before you know it.

You deserve to feel confident about your child’s developmental milestones.

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