About Us

Hi! We’re Brooke & Bridget.

We know what you want most is for your child to talk. With more than 20 years of combined experience, we’ve diagnosed and treated hundreds of children with a variety of communication disorders and delays… if your child is having trouble communicating, we can absolutely help. 

We love everything about our work, but we’re most excited about guiding parents with practical tips to integrate speech and language techniques into their everyday routines. We’d be honored to partner with you, too!

(And yes, we really are sisters!)

As parents…

we understand how helpless you feel when you can’t figure out what your child wants or needs. If they would just talk, everything would be so much easier. 

As speech therapists…

we believe you should have the tools you need to get your child talking. Rather than relying only on a “professional” to do it for you, we believe you can:


Understand your child's needs.


Comprehend the process of getting your child to talk.


Use speech therapy strategies during your everyday routines.


Eliminate frustration between you and your child.

Why Choose Speech Sisters?

Parents feel frustrated and overwhelmed when their child doesn’t talk. At Speech Sisters, we use online courses to teach parents simple speech secrets, so they can help their child communicate.

Check out the video to learn more.

Happy Moms

"Time to Talk course helped me so much! It is presented in a way that easy to understand and I love the real life videos! I never realized how much I could be doing at home with my daughter to build her language skills!"

- Gavie M.

"I learned so much from Time to Talk course! Brooke and Bridget do a great job of teaching simple strategies that I can do during my everyday routines! Time to Talk course was worth every penny!”

- Jenni f.

"At 2 years old my daughter only had 10 words. I was feeling so worried and she started getting frustrated.  After taking Brooke and Bridget’s online course, I felt like I finally had the tool to help her express herself! Now 2 months later, she is already up to 50 words!! Such a great investment!"

- Meghan W.

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